Lower your cholesterol and maintain healthy
levels, naturally.



Contributes towards maintaining a healthy heart.


Works best when part of a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet.


LDL 5 contains natural ingredients derived from plants.


LDL 5 is clinically proven to lower your cholesterol (EFSA).


What is LDL 5 and how does it work?

LDL 5 is a new, natural alternative to conventional statins helping lower your cholesterol and help maintain a healthy heart.

LDL 5 contains EFSA approved ingredients with ‘microsphere’ technology for cholesterol management, having many benefits for customers, such as:

  • Clinically proven to help lower your cholesterol
  • Maintenance of normal blood LDL-cholesterol levels
  • Helps keep your heart and circulatory system healthy

LDL 5 contains an EFSA approved and clinically proven active ingredient known as Monacolin K. This active ingredient is a natural twin to a molecule known as Lovastatin, which is a common statin used to treat high levels of cholesterol in patients.

LDL 5 is classified as a health food supplement, this makes the product safe for repeated use and doesn’t require a medical prescription. We would advise that you speak to your doctor or health professional first if you currently use prescription statins, and wish to switch to using LDL 5.

The way statins and statin-like substances work, is by reducing the amount of LDL-cholesterol your body makes. They do this through blocking an enzyme in the liver that is involved in the production of cholesterol, thus slowing down its production.

Prescription statins may have adverse side-effects such as an unnatural increase in liver enzymes, or muscular problems. Other side-effects of using prescription statins may include cognitive loss, neuropathy, pancreatic and hepatic dysfunction, muscle cramps and sexual dysfunction.

If you are looking to reduce your cholesterol levels, or maintain a healthy LDL-cholesterol blood count, then LDL 5 is for you. No harsh chemicals or agents, simply plant sterols, stanols and specialised yeast extracts clinically and scientifically proven to lower your cholesterol and help maintain a healthy heart.

*European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) approved guidelines, as well as recognised studies collectively for the ingredients and components of LDL 5 backed up by scientific clinical studies. See footer disclaimer(s).

Lovastatin – a common medical statin used in the treatment of high cholesterol


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